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7200 River Road, Marine City, MI 48039


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  As one of the founders stated, “I hate to eat but I love to dine”.  There is a difference.  The short time you spend at a restaurant should be enjoyed, not just the food, but everything from the time you pull into the parking lot to the time you leave, making it worth the visit.
  Remember, you’re not paying for “just the food”, but also for the "time" you’re there. The place has to speak to you, making you feel “comfortable and at home”.  The founders of Foxfire Fixin's are not new to the restaurant or food business.   In fact, both bring many unique experiences to the "table". 
  One has owned two restaurants as well as being a master butcher and sausage maker, with 20+ years in the food industry.  He grew up on a farm where breakfast included rib or loin end pork chops, a tall glass of buttermilk, skillet toasted bread with homemade butter or jam, American fried potatoes, applesauce and pan coffee.  (Pan coffee is made by chucking a handfull of coffee into a pan of boiling water and leaving it to settle until the desired color is reached. You do not use a strainer.)  The other is a master of herbs, an edible landscaper, and has created many speciality wines, jams, jellies, etc. from her plantings.

  Our gifted designer (bless her heart), Laura Irwin (local southerner), has blended the founders' concepts with her eccentric talent to bring alive this dream of a truly extraordinary restaurant and dining experience for our guests.


The Founder's Story

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